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Digital Music Solutions

The resurgence in Vinyl over the past few years has seen many people digging out their long forgotten turntables in order to access all that 'vintage' Vinyl previously gathering dust in the loft as well as some of the newly pressed vinyl and you can now do even more to make your music experience more cohesive.

We can help you build solution for the modern age which combines the best of the older generation with the new. If you have an old amp and speakers you love but want to control music from your phone ? if you want multi-room syhcronised music (great for parties) or perhaps want to add a turntable to your current system even if it is a modern system based on Sonos, Bose, Samsung, etc..?

..Vinyl to Digital

Even if you want a DVS system which will let you be a 'Digital DJ' at your next barbecue we can help !

We recently undertook a 'Vinyl Transfer' project in order to bring a collection of 'old skool vinyl' over the digital domain at the highest possible quality! So if you want to recover some of your cherished vinyl to play in the car or anywhere else for that matter we can definitely help.

As always just phone us on 01737 360 968 !

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