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How Much ?

OK, sounds good - how much will it cost ?

The great news is that you get to decide your own spend! - we offer a range of cost effective support services!

Monthly Retainer - This is our most popular agreement and includes the first few hours of 'support time' every month. Agreements start from just 2 hours per month and guarantee an 8 hour response to issues - we endeavor to 'resolve' any issues raised within 8 hours and in practice commonly fix within two.

The hourly rate is based upon a sliding scale so for larger organisations the more monthly 'included' time you require the lower your hourly rate is set.

Contracted clients are also allocated a 'named' engineer who's direct mobile number is provided for ease of  communication.


In addition to a prompt response time to any issues, retained clients are also eligible for reduced day and half-day rates, again based upon the chosen retainer level, so the more hours in your retainer the lower the day-rate cost. 


As an additional cost option we can also provide higher response levels for further reduced response times e.g. 4 hours or 2 hours.


The monthly retainer based service is the most cost effective way to receive support.

Block Hour - Pre-purchase a block of support time (5 hours per block) and receive a 24 hour response to issues - there is no monthly contract and while you don't have an allocated engineer mobile this is a great way to ensure peace of mind. Purchased blocks are valid for one year from date of purchase.

For larger organisations an audit may be necessary before you can purchase your first blocks.


Ad-Hoc Support (best endevours) - Just call us when you need to! - This is the most expensive option and there is no guaranteed response time, also if we are busy you are at the back of the queue as our contracted/block hour clients take priority, but dont be put off - this suits many of the very small businesses we look after so if your requirements are infrequent and/or low priority this is all you need and it's available to you right now just call the main number at the top of this page !


We operate on a simple 'quarterly' or 'monthly' support basis, this means that there is no long contract tying you in to our service you are free to leave whenever you wish so the onus falls upon us to constantly impress you so that you will always want to stay!


Domestic support - While we are primarily a business to  business (B2B) support service we do also offer support services to private individuals within the local area of Banstead in Surrey.


Our business hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday - excluding public holidays.


Support requests recieved after 5pm are automatically queued for 9am the following working day.