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Welcome to the Novacore experience.




If you are reading this then the chances are that you either own, or work for, a Small or Medium sized business and are looking for an IT support solution for your company.


Perhaps you have struggled until now without proper IT support or maybe you are thinking of switching over from another support provider.


Whatever your IT needs the good news is that Novacore was formed with you in mind.


Who are we

Founded in February 2008 by current director Tim Mundy, Novacore was formed to fill a notable gap in the small and medium business sector where we could see that quality forward thinking and cost effective IT support was especially lacking.


As a small business ourselves we appreciate the pain that lost productivity issues can 

cause and our mission has always to provide quality cost effective support and solutions to your IT problems large and small.


What we Do


Our product is simple the provision of cost effective IT support on demand whenever you need it. We function as your IT department though unlike many fully 'in house' IT departments we typically deliver same-day solutions to those irritating IT issues that crop up hampering productivity thereby letting you get on with running your business.