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Come on in ..Your ideal solution awaits ..

The services we offer to you will usually be the result of an open and relaxed dialog where we have learned a little about your business, it's processes and goals so that, based your current needs today, and your mid to long term objectives, we can propose the right solutions for you.

Any solution we propose will usually be specific to your company needs as they are now, with an eye to the future so that any solution will evolve and grow as you do!

We offer similar products from several vendors within most categories and we are  vendor neutral. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective and personalised IT solution from carefully selected 'best fit' components and services.


discussion . design . specification . implementation . configuration . maintenance . support . upgrade . backup . security . peace of mind


On-demand IT support for all your staff

As part of every support package we offer full remote support to every member of your organisation. This support also extends to members of staff who are mobile or based in other countries.

Even for customers who only require ad-hoc support we can quickly get connected to computers to troubleshoot issues and can often fix problems remotely and often within minutes on the first call.

Get Connected.

Stay Connected.

Connecting computers reliably is the backbone of business - you need to be able to access files and printers in your network and all your important internet based services without problems.


Any outage or loss of performance caused by slow or troublesome hardware will heavily impact your workflow.


We will get you properly connected using quality hardware, best practice and some common sense to provide you with a robust network and a reliable connection to the internet.

The Cloud Office

We have several clients who for the past few years have been operating either partly or fully from a virtual online environment - and this is a growing area of our support.


These are sole individuals and small businesses who operate fully or partly 'on the road' and from changing locations and either dont have or rarely use their own office.

These clients still require a full and robust email service with a secure file storage solutions that is fully available to all staff no matter where they are 24/7/365.


We have solutions to suit every businesses which are also very low cost!


..and Services.

Strong supplier relationships mean that we can provide you with best-of-breed hardware and software products for any requirement at prices which will pleasantly surprise you.


This extends the to growing market in services where again our relationships allow us to bring you cost effective and highly available services and solutions for your email, data, backup and security needs.

Enhance your existing in-house IT team

If your hard pressed IT department is struggling to meet demand or get on with that special project we can help.


We work 'with' existing IT teams to fill in any gaps and provide all important holiday cover.

IT Audits

Every business can benefit from a regular IT audit and even if you believe that you have everything covered an IT audit will confirm this - it makes sense to ensure that your IT infrastructure really is up to the task.


Special emphasis will be placed on any areas highlighted as being of concern but in any event our comprehensive report will provide clear information on the true state of your IT with a summary 'to do' list for any items of concern and hopefully that reassuring pat on the back you were hoping for.


If you are considering our services in any context what better way to start than with a fixed price audit of your current IT situation.


Give us a call to book your audit today!

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