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​​Are you looking for a solution to a domestic IT problem ?

The network in your home is an incresingly complex place.

​​The typical 2 adult 2 children (+ dog) household can have anything between 15 and 50 devices on the network over the course of a day, and thats a lot!

Common residents on most household networks these days are (to name a few).. Smart speakers, Alarms, IP Cameras, Doorbells, Heating Systems, TV Sticks, Games Consoles, NAS devices, TV Recorders, Smart Watches, Laptops, Tablets, Phones plus of course your Computers. It often surprises people just how many devices are using their internet.

We now live in an era when even your light bulbs can be online!

A common area where we are asked to help in the home is that of Internet and the dreaded Wi-Fi, just how do you get decent internet coverage across the whole house and garden ?  

If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with teenagers in your home then you are very likely to be all too aware of any issues with the performance of your internet connection, and the devices you own (even though they probably work fine for you)


If there are any slight wobbles with your internet connection or devices, your offspring will happily tell you (regularly), that your home is blessed with 'the worst Wi-Fi in the world ever' and that their life is terrible!

..each home is unique but there are lots of options now to improve your internet and your wireless performance - we can solve this for you!

We also fix laptops and computers,

We can both repair and upgrade Laptop's and Computer's and/or supply new, we can even custom build a computer for you.

If your computer is 5 years old or less then there is a very good chance that we can make it much faster and at relatively low cost saving you the expense of replacement which is also kinder to the environment !


..You are backing up your data aren't you ? 

When someone comes to us with a defunct laptop or computer saying "can you help, it's a bit broken but has all our baby and toddler pictures since the kids were born", we always worry because it's rarely easy and sometimes impossible to recover data without backups.

​While we have become quite adept at recovering data from seemingly dead Computers, and we rarely fail - we do hate giving good people bad news on those rare occasions when their precious data is beyond reach!

We do also work with a data recovery partner who are specialists at recovering data in the worst cases, (the UK Police also use them to recover data in more extreme situations like laptop's recovered from lakes or rivers), but please make your life as easy as you can by remembering to 'regularly back up your data' - We can help you with this too.

Whatever your current issues may be just give us a call and find out how easy it is to reach internet and device utopia in your home.

We can help with recommendation and setup of any systems you may require.

We offer very competitive domestic rates so give us a call today!

Located in Banstead in Surrey, Novacore Limited can help you!

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